About RE/MAX

About the real estate school

The real estate school of RE/MAX Israel offers you the country’s leading training track for a profitable career in real estate. Our school trains over 700 students each year in real estate subjects, providing up-to-date and innovative content that stems from the daily activities of the network’s agents and franchisees.

Our courses are taught by professional instructors who have vast experience and tangible know-how in all stages of the activities of a successful real estate agent. The world of real estate is a competitive business environment and in order to be good, you have to learn from the best and your road to success begins with us!

Join as a franchisee

Is it your all-consuming dream to go into business for yourself? Would you like to maximize your success with the help of the proven methods of RE/MAX?
RE/MAX Israel, the largest real estate brokerage network in Israel, offers you an attractive business model to fulfill your managerial potential in a professional and supportive environment, using the most progressive methods in the real estate market all with the aim of giving you the tools to establish a healthy, stable and flourishing business in a real estate market that is full of potential.

What does RE/MAX offer you?

Comprehensive and intensive training that includes several courses and seminars.
Business advice throughout the process of establishing the franchise.
Improving skills and constant training throughout online!
The power of national advertising and the impetus of the brand.
National franchisee conferences and the best lecturers from abroad to improve know-how and performance.
An advanced technological environment at the international, national and office levels.
Potential for cooperation and client referrals throughout the country and within the office.
An established network with proven success, extensive know-how and a supportive business environment.
An enormous database of leads (potential clients) and contacts.
etc., etc… Because at RE/MAX you are doing business for yourself but you are not alone!

How do you join?

If you have the hunger and the desire for success, contact us today or leave your details on the website, and our representative will contact you shortly. Because you can’t argue with success and your road to success can start today!