About RE/MAX

About the real estate school

The real estate school of RE/MAX Israel offers you the country’s leading training track for a profitable career in real estate. Our school trains over 700 students each year in real estate subjects, providing up-to-date and innovative content that stems from the daily activities of the network’s agents and franchisees.

Our courses are taught by professional instructors who have vast experience and tangible know-how in all stages of the activities of a successful real estate agent. The world of real estate is a competitive business environment and in order to be good, you have to learn from the best and your road to success begins with us!

Head Start in Business course

The flagship course of the RE/MAX Israel real estate school The leading practical course in Israel, which focuses on the measures and actions that may lead the real estate agent to success. In the course, we teach the RE/MAX work methods, which are the key to building a stable real estate business. For example: How to obtain properties, advanced marketing methods, dealing with clients, conducting negotiations, etc.

Preparatory course for the agents exam

A professional course that is taught by an attorney who specializes in real estate, with a great deal of experience in instruction. The purpose of the course is to help anyone who is interested to obtain a brokerage license. The course touches on all the laws relevant to the agents exam. Simulated exams are given in the classroom and at home, and you are prepared in the best possible way for the exam itself.

The real estate school of RE/MAX Israel has undertaken the obligation to provide its students with the most advanced, in-depth and up-to-date knowledge in the field of Israeli real estate and we invite you to learn more about us and to learn with us!