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Find apartments for sale Israel for under a million NIS – and plenty of them!
Interested in properties for investment? Thought there are no reasonably priced homes in Israel? We have properties across the country under one million NIS. Your opportunity for an investment or a purchase begins on this page!
Properties under a million NIS

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Apartments for sale in Israel – hot hot hot!!
RE/MAX Israel's agents present their most attractive properties of the week. Luxury homes, specially priced properties, apartments all over the country. Perhaps your next home is just a mouse-click away? Make sure you visit this page every week, as the properties change!
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Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate in Israel can be found on this page.
Our specialized commercial real estate agents represent various commercial properties, such as: offices for sale, offices for rent, land and so on. We invite you to search for a suitable commercial property through this page, or directly contact one of our agents specializing in commercial real estate across the country.

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New Projects

RE/MAX of Israel's agents and offices represent new development projects (first hand construction) all over the country, ranging from local private projects and TAMA 38, and up to wide-scope high-rising projects with multiple units. Some buyers prefer to explore the possibility of a new development purchase, and we are happy to help and offer a quick look at the new developments we currently have in stock. Good luck!
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You can’t argue with success!
RE/MAX sells 1.6 new franchises each day around the world and the next franchise can be yours. That is good news! With around 100 franchises throughout the country, RE/MAX Israel is the largest network of real estate agencies in Israel, and this is exactly your time to join the success story!

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